UO students design an early childhood education center

This studio proposed a new early childhood learning center that offers subsidized childcare to families associated with the University of Oregon.  During the first two weeks of the term, students were asked to conduct research in small teams to inform the final program composition of classrooms, administrative, and associated outdoor spaces.  After the first 2-weeks of the term, students worked individually to design a 10,000 – 15,000 ft2 center that provides service to children from infancy through pre-K. In addition to traditional graphic ideation and physical model-building, students in this studio learned computational techniques to support the design process.  Students were be supported in their use of digital tools such as Rhino, Enscape, and simulation through Climate Studio to model, visualize, and evaluate design proposals. Students were pushed to develop a strong concept for their design that was rooted in learning, play, and site. Daylight design was emphasized throughout the term and proposals pushed the envelope through interventions to the roof, courtyard, clerestory, and window. Student work by Zack Blizard, Kelly Kottlowski, Samantha Backen, and Sofia Gonzales.

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