university of oregon, 2nd-year CORE | the boathouse

Chu_Arch 384_Spring 2018Barrera_Arch 384_Spring 2019Chu_Arch 384_Spring 2018Assistant Professor & Chair of the Baker Lighting Lab, University of Oregon

Student work by Justin Roberts, Madeleine Chu, Rhiana Barrera, and Aubrey Moore

This course is the fourth in a sequence of four core introductory undergraduate design studios, which undergrad students complete in the spring of their 2nd year. More complex studio projects are offered in subsequent terms to students who successfully pass these core studios. The design studio provides a forum to introduce and methodically develop fundamental architectural design skills. Graphic presentation, critical thought, and speaking and writing abilities are understood as key elements of student development in basic design. Studio assignments are cumulative, build in complexity, and are intended to accelerate the student’s growth as a designer. Students are expected to work in an iteratively and make conceptually coherent decisions throughout the design process based upon precedent, the interaction between formal ordering systems and activity support, building construction systems, and life safety and accessibility needs. One of the primary goals of the second-year design studios is to enable students to develop strong working processes and methods that will allow them to be prepared for and successful in more advanced studios and beyond.

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